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Seven days later!

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Wow, that break went by pretty fast. So fast that if you blinked you probably missed it. I must say...I'm not all that enthused about going back to school. This saddens me, because last year I would be definitely ready. This year, as I've said in previous posts, not so much. So I won't harp on that here. This isn't supposed to be a rant, eh.

I've started work on Vanilla Guestbook's total rewrite. I have the installation functions done and am working with the signing functions now.

I've also started book two--as in, the sequel to my novel. Originally I intended for it to be a trilogy, but lately a little doubt about that has been cast into my mind. Today at work I thought of a brilliant ending for book two! I'm really excited, because it has given me direction and inspiration. However, if I use the ending, it also opens up the unforeseen possibility of additional books before the saga reaches its conclusion. Maybe four, five--possibly even six. I'm open to the possibility--I was never locked on the idea of a trilogy; it was just a rough guide to start out. But it will require some thought.

Anyway, I should get to bed. School tomorrow and what not. :yawn: Good night.

P.S. Did anyone else watch This Hour Has 22 Minutes on Friday?! If you haven't heard yet, Canadian Tire has fired the Canadian Tire family. Any true Canadian is (if they haven't already) now feeling a happy, satisfied glow over this news. Now remember that we have Stephen Harper as the Prime Minister. (And the glow disappears).

Well 22 Minutes had an excellent farewell parody. They had Mark Critch as the Canadian Tire guy and Cathy Jones as his wife talking about being fired. The Canadian Tire guy just couldn't stop working Canadian Tire products into his sentences, though, and his wife was getting annoyed. She matter-factly told him that she was divorcing him and left, passing him at his request some rope (from Canadian Tire) and closing the garage door with the automatic door closer (from Canadian Tire). We last see Critch looping the rope around his neck (the implication being that he's going to hang himself).

I shall post a link to the video when/if they put it up. :shifty:

And now to sleep.