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Resurrection Ship, Part I

That was the episode of Battlestar Galactica last night. It was frakkin' awesome (to use the vernacular). To put that in perspective: my dad didn't fall alseep during the episode!

It started off okay, but the music was a bit weird. I grew used to it, however, and the episode only got better. I think part of the reason that it was so cool was due to the fact that the Pegasus has "counterparts" to our Galactica crew. We got to see these more stringent, less ethical counterparts and how they operate--and it endears us that much more to the Galactica crew.

Best part of the episode: when Commander Adama's on the phone with Tigh and Kallie is next to him. Tigh tells him about Helo and Tyrol's court martial and impending execution, and you can literally feel Adama's anger. You can also feel his regret, because it's that moment when he finally stops lying to himself. Something had been upsetting him ever since the Pegasus arrived--this wasn't a sudden decision; it was just the final culmination.

Then he orders that marine strike force, slams the phone down, and stalks away. He's committing mutiny, but you love him for it, because it is so obvious that he is the hero.

That was probably the best single part of the episode. But nearly every character got some nice development--I didn't see Gaida around, surprisingly. But Helo and Tyrol had a sort of "bonding moment"...if you call killing the Pegasus interrogator while attempting to defend the Cylon whom you love a "bonding moment", I mean. And then Baltar's overtures to the tortured Number Six aboard Pegasus were a nice conclusion to the episode. Notice the absence of the hallucination-Number Six during that scene...he actually got to do something on his own for once.

I can't wait for next week. fast-forwards time.