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Life's an adventure

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You think that driving near a bus is scary? Try being on a bus. :fear: I just noticed today that buses are big, heavy machines that are too large for most streets, and that you need to be insane to operate one. (Of course, this is true for any piece of modern equipment. I'm insane for even typing this under the delusion that someone will read it.)

I thought of a cool new design for a T-shirt. :D (As I order my own from Rock-It Air Wear). An arror pointing up to me, and then the words "Proof of Intelligent Design". And the best part is that very few people would actually get it. ^_^ Next time I need a new T-shirt, I'll consider actually getting it made.

Today's my dad's birthday. So to all those nonexistent people who are actually insane enough to read this delusional tripe, please give him some birthday wishes, as I know he's reading this . . . right now. Well, actually, now . . . yeah, hi Dad.

I should go write my novel. I need to get to 50 000 words. But I also need to get my mom to finish her essay for English. So we'll see how the next hour turns out, then it's off to bed for another exhausting day of school tomorrow. :yawn: