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5 Articles from October 2005

  1. Portable Apps

    We learn something new every day. Today, I learned that John T. Haller has created a wonderful set of portable applications you can run on any Windows computer from your USB drive. :drool:

    The one in particular I find cool is Portable Firefox, but there's also Portable Thunderbird, OpenOffice.org, etc. It looks quite useful, works, and is just another way to bother my school's system techs. :D

  2. Goings on

    So I suppose I should give a general update after being offline for a while. :r

    My idea that my English teacher read my novel and give me feedback seems to be a good one. Even though I'm not less bored in English class, at least I'll get something out of it by the end of the semester. I've reached 40 000 words now, and I'm pretty proud. A friend of mine as well as my English teacher from last year, Ms. Sukalo, are also reading what I have so far.

    Speaking of English, we get some choices for our "Independent Novel Studies" this year. The Stone Angel by Margaret Lawrence :rolleyes:, The Plague by Albert Camus, and Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. There was a fourth one too, but I don't remember its name. Of those, I've read Catcher in the Rye and consider it a great novel, but everyone wants to do it (due to the fact that it is "short" ). We spent about ten minutes trying to figure out how to divide the books up evenly, but got distracted by a fire drill. Anyway, I hear that Camus is "difficult," but that persuades me…

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  3. New Website

    Wow! I've got paid hosting! All thanks to A Small Orange!

    I'm now going to work on rejuvenating it. The database backup is from October 10, so if you posted any comments or such after that date, then they're gone . . . sorry. :-/ It appears this mean the entire guestbook is gone. I should get to bed, but I'll put it back up tomorrow, so sign it again then.

  4. Black Light

    So I joined this informal sort drama group known as "Black Light Theatre," which does their performances in, not surprisingly, under black light. Several of my friends were already in it, so I decided I might as well join and have some fun.

    I got drafted to play a "voice" (as opposed to a puppet) because the person who previously played the voice had moved away. So now I'm going to be an "angry dad" (the play, I gather, is about family issues). The atmosphere is quite informal, as obviously I'm diving right in. Meanwhile, we're working on a new play, this one about mental illnesses in adolescents at high school. That'll be interesting. . . .

    Thanksgiving long weekend! Pie, pie, pie! Turkey! Cranberry sauce! Stuffing!

  5. Serenity

    Spoiler warning.

    The movie was paced very well, there was plenty of action in the beginning and end, although the middle dragged just a little. Each character also got their bit of the action, and of course, River gets a lot of action. I'm rather disappointed with the smaller parts that Inara and the Shepard get, especially the latter fellow, but at least he had some great lines. The characterisation was good too, all the actors slid back into their roles very naturally.

    The "Mr. Universe" character seemed a bit of a gimmick to me, perhaps even a deus ex machina, which is uncharacteristic of the Firefly motif. He's a little too sudden and a little too pivotal to the plot for my tastes.

    Wash's death was quite dramatic and meaningful. Apparently, he's the character with whom I identify the most, and I do love his dinosaurs. The people at the theatre (and it was pretty crowded) literally gasped when he died, because it came out of nowhere. I was so saddened that I had to go to the washroom. When I came back, they were getting ready for the dramatic fight scene where Simon and Kaylee would get to…

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