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  1. An incredibly bad idea


    Light bulb fixture

    I wish I knew who did this so I could nominate him or her for a Darwin award. This is what I found when I had to change a light bulb in one of the pot lights above the front desk at work. The light bulbs are standard; the fixture is recessed. So someone came up with this brilliant idea to avoid having a recessed bulb. Take a look at the design! It's actually two…

  2. Contents may catch fire


    We've got this bottle of whiteout in the drawer at the front desk of the art gallery. Regular whiteout or whatnot. I was bored one day and read the tiny printing on the back of the label. After resting my eyes from the strain of trying to read the subatomic type, I considered the implications of this warning: "Contents may catch fire." :huh:

    It's very ambiguous. What do they mean, "contents may catch fire?" So…

  3. Bear necessities


    Working full-time has finally taken its toll on me. On Friday, my co-worker Danielle and I agreed that we've finally snapped. It started with bears....

    We get the occasional bear wandering around the campus on which the gallery's located. Somehow we got on the subject of bears, and Danielle suggested that we trap a bear using stale doughnuts from Robin's Donuts and then train him to work at the front desk. We'd dress him in…

  4. Mmm, DVD entertainment


    Hot Fuzz came out on DVD Tuesday. I didn't see it in theatres, but I enjoyed Shaun of the Dead a lot, so I bought it. Like Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz parodies a genre of movies--in this case, cop-themed action movies. It is nonstop hilarious in the way that it's virtually impossible to discuss specific parts of the movie--it's all funny. Yet the humour isn't cheap. There is a compelling plot buried…

  5. Why I have no common sense


    This story is an example of why I lack any common sense whatsoever.

    Yesterday at work a guy came in and said he was delivering phone books. Okay, no problem, bring them in. Oh wait--they are heavy. Okay, no problem, I'll help you. Oh wait--there's a lot of them. Okay, I'll open up receiving.

    Now at this point I'll admit I thought something was unusual. But I didn't question anything and proceeded to help these…

  6. Fall back (and laugh)


    For those who observe Daylight Saving Time, we changed back to standard time this morning. I was there when it happened (no secrets of the universe were revealed to me, however, so I want my money back).

    This morning at about 11:15 I was getting ready for work when the phone rings. Who is it? It's my coworker, Danielle, calling from work.

    Danielle: Ben ... you do know you're supposed to be working, right?

  7. Employed am I!


    I got some training today as I started my job. First I had to bike to the Art Gallery, which is located on the college campus. The ride was okay, although I hate crossing the busier streets because I'm paranoid about being hit by a car. :D After I got to the gallery, I changed from my shorts into dress pants and a dress shirt (and some dress shoes) to start off at work. I…

  8. Six hours


    There's such a thing as "too much of the CBC". That is what I learned today. :D

    I went into work for six hours (because the pay is lucrative but I find it difficult to work for any large amount of time due to the fact I have "school" ). From noon until six today, I mostly sat down in the basement of the Chapples Building and carefully sorted paper from paperclips, the former…

Showing 21 to 28 of 28 results