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Employed am I!

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I got some training today as I started my job. First I had to bike to the Art Gallery, which is located on the college campus. The ride was okay, although I hate crossing the busier streets because I'm paranoid about being hit by a car. :D After I got to the gallery, I changed from my shorts into dress pants and a dress shirt (and some dress shoes) to start off at work. I filled out the form and then it was off to the races.

Lots of stuff goes on, and I have varied responsibilities. It was a lot to take in the first day, but I think I'll like the job. My co-workers are nice and friendly.

There's a lot of security concerns, it being an art gallery, and particularly this summer because the Norval Morrisseau exhibition is part of the National Collection, in Ottawa, so there is pressure on us from them to make thing everything is secure. Whenever there are visitors inside the galleries, an attendant needs to be in the gallery just to observe and make sure that no one touches the artwork or such. So there's a lot of standing involved.

At the front desk, attendants have to work the cash register for admission and gift shop and such, as well as answer phone calls. Then at the end of the day we have to do a cash summary from the register and walk around the gallery for an "outgoing check". All and all, while it takes a lot of energy, I think it'll be a good job, and I'm glad that I got it.

Not much else to say, eh. Superman Returns comes out tomorrow, although I don't know when I'll be able to go see it. GST drops 1% on Saturday, which is both nifty and weird. :D Canada Day on Saturday too.