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I've been corrupted!

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So it's official, InvisionFree has corrupted me :yes:.

Not in any sort of bad way, I assure you, but in the sneaky and insidious Pavlovian way. If I were a dog with a bell, I would salivate. In this case, it's signatures at other message boards (InvisionFree or no). I'm so used to the 550x150 pixel limit on signatures at the support board (and removing those that are above it) that whenever I go to a board and see signatures that are above that, I react instinctively and try to remove them.

So if you're walking by an Internet cafe and you see a crazy tall guy pressing frantically at his sig removal marklet (and abusing his mouse in the process), yelling, "Agggh, the signatures are over the limit!", that's me.

That is all.