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Summer verge

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One more exam to go. My French exam today was very easy, and I found out that I did quite well on both Math and Chemistry! Just Computer Science is left.

On the last day of classes, I asked Mr. Dubyk, my math/Computer Science teacher, where he got the nifty cover bag for his laptop. It's essentially a cover into which you slide the laptop and then velcro the top closed with two straps. I was intrigued because it looked durable and easy to carry. My laptop bag is bulky, and its strap just broke recently, so I'm thinking that I'll buy a backpack (especially if I'm going to ride my bike more) and just carry my laptop in there amongst other things. A cover to keep my laptop clean would help though, so I asked him from where he got the bag, and he said that is wife made it--then he offered to have her make me one! :o

Just goes to show that karma works quite well--if you do good things for people, they do good things for you, and sometimes you get your own little laptop bag out of the deal. :D He gave it to me this morning when I ran into him and asked for my math mark:

In a different vein, I just got an email from A Small Orange. The server that hosts my site will be moved to their AtlantaNAP datacentre on Wednesday, which means some downtime:

Next Wednesday, June 28th at 8PM EST...we’ll be physically moving the servers your site is currently located on. The allocated time is one (1) hour and the specific servers to be moved are Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Locke, and Charlie along with 3 dedicated servers. They will all be moved to our new datacenter cage in AtlantaNAP. It takes approximately 15-20 minutes to physically drive between the two facilities, but there is also time needed to turn off the servers properly, package them up, unpackage them, and plug everything back in. We don't expect to take the full hour, but are allocating it just in case.

So in case you can't get to my site on Wednesday for an hour or two, that's why. :yes: