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Fall back (and laugh)

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For those who observe Daylight Saving Time, we changed back to standard time this morning. I was there when it happened (no secrets of the universe were revealed to me, however, so I want my money back).

This morning at about 11:15 I was getting ready for work when the phone rings. Who is it? It's my coworker, Danielle, calling from work.

Danielle: Ben ... you do know you're supposed to be working, right? Me: Yes... Danielle: Well, you're late. It's after 12. Me: Um ... no it's not. Danielle: All the clocks around here say 12:15. Me: You didn't set your clocks back? Danielle: (Calling off to our curator) Glenn did we set our clocks back? (To me) Oh my god... Me: I'll see you in about half an hour.

Yes, suffice it to say, we aren't going to let her live that one down. :lol: She spent the rest of the time looking for the manual to reprogram the front desk phone's clock, though, which is good because it was always ten minutes slow and annoyed us to no end.

Other than that work was pretty slow.

Oh, last night the American Movie Classics channel was playing The Exorcist at 9 followed by The Exorcist II. At 10, guess what Space started playing? That's right, The Exorcist. To up the creepiness factor to another level, they were showing The Exorcist II right after. Two completely different channels, one number 53 and the other number 52, decide to show the same two movies just hours apart? :ermm:

Talk about 200 channels and nothin' to watch. :D