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Headshot of me wearing red lipstick Kara Babcock

The addictive nature of online shopping

It all started with The Little Book of Calm...

I was putting together the semblance of a costume to wear tomorrow to school, since it's Halloween--aka an excuse to wear a housecoat to school. :D Anyway, I wanted to make a fake Little Book of Calm. It's an actual book, but in this case I'm referencing a British comedy series called Black Books. For some reason I looked it up on Chapters' website ... one thing led to another ... eventually it disappeared from my shopping bag but I found myself staring at other purchases.

I think that after seeing The Little Book of Calm I decided I should go ahead and buy American Gods, by Neil Gaiman. Then it occurred to me that Chapters now sells DVDs, so I could search for Frank Herbert's Children of Dune (the Sci-Fi miniseries). I've wanted that for so long but couldn't find it in stores. Just my luck--it was there! :w00t: Then it occurred to me to search for the soundtrack to Love Actually. Into the shopping bag it goes.

After this was all over, I looked at the shopping bag page and stared at it for a good long while. I made tea and got ready for bed. Online shopping can be dangerously addictive--it is all too easy to get caught up in the moment; it's hard to decide what you want and what you just think is a cool purchase, even with books (okay, so I'm actually only getting one book...). Fortunately, this is all birthday money that I'm spending. My friends know I like books, and so as usual I received tons of Chapters gift cards, which I can conveniently use online!

Anyway ... I am looking forward to this order's impending arrival before next Thursday! :drool: Oh, and I got free shipping.