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Bear necessities

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Working full-time has finally taken its toll on me. On Friday, my co-worker Danielle and I agreed that we've finally snapped. It started with bears....

We get the occasional bear wandering around the campus on which the gallery's located. Somehow we got on the subject of bears, and Danielle suggested that we trap a bear using stale doughnuts from Robin's Donuts and then train him to work at the front desk. We'd dress him in a hat, shades, a vest with tassels, and Lycra pants. :ph34r: Then we'd sic him on people who touched the artwork. If someone touches the artwork, we would press the button to drop the bear, who would proceed to rampage around the gallery. Sure, all of the art would be destroyed, but that person would never touch the art again! (Probably because they've been teared limb from limb...).

Oh, and we're going to name him Kingsley Shacklebolt. :)

And if the above hasn't yet convinced you I've snapped, listen to this: on Sunday I sold a man $100 worth of rocks. :yes: Yes indeedy. A dude from Toronto, his wife, and his teenage daughter came to see the gallery. Then he selected a $70 rock and a $30 rock from the gift shop. They weren't plain, ordinary rocks, of course. They had animals painted on the surface--an owl and a wolf, respectively. However, the punchline goes something like this:

Man: (Looking at $8.95 catalogue his wife wants to get) Mmm ... I don't know if we should get something we'll look at once and then never open again. It's not even for an exhibit....

Dude, you're buying $100 worth of rocks and you're going to begrudge your wife a $8.95 catalogue?! I wanted to slap him in the face with his own irony. Don't get me wrong; he was a very nice guy. He certainly had different priorities than most, though.

Anyway, soon school starts. I have conquered Google Calendar and fed it a Sunbird-generated iCal file of my classes. Wednesdays look pretty crowded, but I'm liking Tuesday--one class in the morning and then I'm done! :w00t: Friday looks nice too, especially because I don't work Fridays either. ^_^