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Bear necessities redux

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I never expected to write a sequel to my previous bear-themed post. Then again, I never expected this.

Today I bought a new bike (since my other one was stolen two months ago :dry: ). It's a good bike that will get me back and forth to school and work so I don't have to drive all the time! Anyway. That isn't the story. The story begins when I biked home from the bike shop. I came down my street, but when I got to the block on which I live, there were police cars parked at the corner and neighbours standing on the sidewalk watching something.

A baby black bear had climbed up a tree on the corner! And I have pictures. :D I also got some video, which I posted on YouTube. It's long and not that exciting--they just tranquilize the bear and then put him in the MNR bear trap. But it's mildly odd, considering that we live in a fairly urban part of the city.

Ironic, eh? We get bears near the gallery all the time--in fact, the MNR set up a trap outside the gallery on Sunday--but I never actually saw one. Then today I see one, in a tree, near my house. The universe is indeed quite weird and wonderful.