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Why I have no common sense

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This story is an example of why I lack any common sense whatsoever.

Yesterday at work a guy came in and said he was delivering phone books. Okay, no problem, bring them in. Oh wait--they are heavy. Okay, no problem, I'll help you. Oh wait--there's a lot of them. Okay, I'll open up receiving.

Now at this point I'll admit I thought something was unusual. But I didn't question anything and proceeded to help these two guys unload 650 telephone books into our receiving area. With a staff of about 12, we really don't need those many books. It was only after they had left and I went back to the front desk that I realized the order was probably meant to go to the college nearby and we got it by mistake.

After a quick call to the phone company we sorted out the problem, and the books will be picked up today. I feel sorry for those two guys though, because after I help them load up the phone books, they're going to have to unload them a third time at the college.

This is just another example of how very intelligent people often lack basic common sense (I think it ties in the poor social skills thing too). If I had any common sense I would have stopped them and then asked someone why we were getting 650 books. But did I do that? Nooo. What an idiot!

It does make for a good story though.