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  1. Why scientists are illogical

    Many people, especially religious pundits who want to knock "cold, logical science" down a few notches, claim that science is as faith-based as religion. I would tend to agree. Those who disagree argue that science relies on painstaking experimental method and proof to back up its theories--which is true, but only to a certain extent. When it comes to the things that science just can't determine (or at least hasn't determined yet), we depend utterly on faith.

    A specific example of why scientists are illogical, however, is evident: the afterlife (or lack thereof). When you die, if any of the major religions are correct, you proceed to some sort of afterlife. If you're an atheist, you believe (mmm, sounds faith-based) that there is no afterlife. Or at least, there's no afterlife with God in it.

    But here's the clincher: if a "God" does exist, then you are screwed--at least according to those religions again, since the non-believer infidels usually enjoy a fate such as being "consigned to suffer the flames of Hell for all eternity". :fear: Nicer religions stick them in limbo or some such dimension like that. What it comes down to is: believers prosper, non-believers don't.

    So, logically,…

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  2. Why I have no common sense

    This story is an example of why I lack any common sense whatsoever.

    Yesterday at work a guy came in and said he was delivering phone books. Okay, no problem, bring them in. Oh wait--they are heavy. Okay, no problem, I'll help you. Oh wait--there's a lot of them. Okay, I'll open up receiving.

    Now at this point I'll admit I thought something was unusual. But I didn't question anything and proceeded to help these two guys unload 650 telephone books into our receiving area. With a staff of about 12, we really don't need those many books. It was only after they had left and I went back to the front desk that I realized the order was probably meant to go to the college nearby and we got it by mistake.

    After a quick call to the phone company we sorted out the problem, and the books will be picked up today. I feel sorry for those two guys though, because after I help them load up the phone books, they're going to have to unload them a third time at the college.

    This is just another example of how very intelligent people often lack basic common sense…

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  3. And the geek shall inherit the Earth...

    Hi, I'm a Marvel. And I'm a DC.

    I'm envious because I have never thought of something so funny. ^_^ Those Mac versus PC commercials are fun on their own, but this parody is very clever. There's 4 in total (the first has links to the rest); #1 and #4 are the funniest, but the other two are still very cool.

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