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Articles from June 2007

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  1. Why I have no common sense


    This story is an example of why I lack any common sense whatsoever.

    Yesterday at work a guy came in and said he was delivering phone books. Okay, no problem, bring them in. Oh wait--they are heavy. Okay, no problem, I'll help you. Oh wait--there's a lot of them. Okay, I'll open up receiving.

    Now at this point I'll admit I thought something was unusual. But I didn't question anything and proceeded to help these…

  2. Finally


    The long night has ended.

    Two good events have occurred in the past week to counterbalance this annoying cough that's plagued me. Firstly, my new computer arrived on the 21st! Secondly, I am now officially done with high school.

    With university approaching, I wanted a new computer. My former one, a Toshiba Satellite A70, was ... performance-challenged, to say it nicely. It was a nice computer in its own right, but clunky from the start…

  3. To all my friends south of the border


    Please, when you come to Canada, change your money. It isn't that hard, and it will save me some headaches.

    Thunder Bay is close to the border, so we get frequent American visitors to the art gallery. For some reason, they believe it's fine to just hand us American money. Canada's just the 51st state anyway, right? I know that when I go to the States, I don't flash my Canadian cash all around…

  4. We have slogan!


    With my last full day of high school tomorrow (well, today), it seems only fitting that I announce a slogan for this summer.

    It is: "Unite the plots."

    No, it probably doesn't mean much to you. :D But I'm going to put it up on a banner on my wall and stare at it every day, for it shall be my overriding goal as I venture into the scary task of writing book 2. Three…

  5. America of the Future


    2010: Dateline NBC: To Catch a Terrorist airs. 2015: Citizens may purchase and carry personal nuclear weapons as per the second amendment, as it is everyone's right to protect his or herself from terrorism. 2017: Bleeding heart liberals demand tougher nuke-control laws after numerous drive-by nukings. 2020: The CW airs America's Next Top Terrorist. 2025: Government introduces "Adopt a Terrorist" program. Families may "adopt" a well-known terrorist and attempt to eliminate him or her…

  6. Behold, I have finished War and Peace


    You heard me. I'm now among one of the elite who have read War and Peace from beginning to end. Not only that, but I am among the elite who read it for pleasure instead of being forced to read it for some other purpose. If only I could read Russian. :D This actually happened last week, but I never got around to blogging about it.

    Yes, War and Peace was excruciatingly boring at times--particularly…

  7. Class of 2007


    School is not over yet; exams have yet to come, but tonight I went through the complicated tribulation of the graduation ceremony and emerged (although somewhat tired) unscathed. The ceremony was long, and at times dull, but it was an interesting experience nonetheless. I cried when our teachers sang, because not only did they sing well, but I thought about all they've done for us during our schooling. It's part of the reason I'm going…