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2 Articles from July 2007

  1. Danger: Low ceiling

    Windows Vista does not like the adapter that I bought with my dance mat, so I ordered a new adapter online (thanks Laura!) that's better. It arrived last week and I got my dance mat working, which means I can now play StepMania! Plus I bought an RF modulator to hook up my computer to the big TV upstairs (because the TV is too old and has no S-video port!). This morning I went to play some StepMania and discovered that I had to move my dance mat closer to the TV. This is not because I have poor eyesight (which I do) or I couldn't hear the music (which I could). No, it's because where the mat was originally positioned, if I jumped my head would hit the ceiling fan. :ph34r:

    So much for that. :D I'm tall, and the ceiling is low, which means I need to be more careful!

    In other news, I've started tinkering with OOP in PHP. I've often had trouble grasping OOP, but I finally wrapped my head around some aspects thanks to PHP 101: The Bear Necessities. Several concepts continue to elude me, so I'm hoping that I never have to…

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  2. Why scientists are illogical

    Many people, especially religious pundits who want to knock "cold, logical science" down a few notches, claim that science is as faith-based as religion. I would tend to agree. Those who disagree argue that science relies on painstaking experimental method and proof to back up its theories--which is true, but only to a certain extent. When it comes to the things that science just can't determine (or at least hasn't determined yet), we depend utterly on faith.

    A specific example of why scientists are illogical, however, is evident: the afterlife (or lack thereof). When you die, if any of the major religions are correct, you proceed to some sort of afterlife. If you're an atheist, you believe (mmm, sounds faith-based) that there is no afterlife. Or at least, there's no afterlife with God in it.

    But here's the clincher: if a "God" does exist, then you are screwed--at least according to those religions again, since the non-believer infidels usually enjoy a fate such as being "consigned to suffer the flames of Hell for all eternity". :fear: Nicer religions stick them in limbo or some such dimension like that. What it comes down to is: believers prosper, non-believers don't.

    So, logically,…

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