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Articles from August 2007

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  1. Bear necessities redux


    I never expected to write a sequel to my previous bear-themed post. Then again, I never expected this.

    Today I bought a new bike (since my other one was stolen two months ago :dry: ). It's a good bike that will get me back and forth to school and work so I don't have to drive all the time! Anyway. That isn't the story. The story begins when I biked home from the…

  2. Bear necessities


    Working full-time has finally taken its toll on me. On Friday, my co-worker Danielle and I agreed that we've finally snapped. It started with bears....

    We get the occasional bear wandering around the campus on which the gallery's located. Somehow we got on the subject of bears, and Danielle suggested that we trap a bear using stale doughnuts from Robin's Donuts and then train him to work at the front desk. We'd dress him in…

  3. Love, beauty, and Stardust


    I've been quite excited for Stardust ever since I learned about it, and tonight I went to see it. If I had one word to describe it, I'd simply say beautiful.

    I'm no critic. I like a lot of movies, movies that many people might dismiss as a waste of their time for one reason or another. Oh well. However, even most of my favourite movies don't fall into the category of "beautiful". Hot

  4. Mmm, DVD entertainment


    Hot Fuzz came out on DVD Tuesday. I didn't see it in theatres, but I enjoyed Shaun of the Dead a lot, so I bought it. Like Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz parodies a genre of movies--in this case, cop-themed action movies. It is nonstop hilarious in the way that it's virtually impossible to discuss specific parts of the movie--it's all funny. Yet the humour isn't cheap. There is a compelling plot buried…