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Articles from May 2006

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  1. What is this?!

    Published this?

    What is...this?

    (Spoilers ahead. If you haven't seen Battlestar Galatica's season finale yet, don't read this.)

    "One year later."

    One year later?!

    I realise that I haven't made many blog posts about Galatica, but that's been because I have just been so overwhelmed after each episode that I didn't want to blog. (Or I was lazy, take your pick). But this was the season 2 finale, I…

  2. My computer hates me


    My computer is starting to overheat and automatically shut down--again. >_< I had this problem last year, and thought it was gone.

    Recently I installed a temperature monitor as part of an attempt at undervolting my laptop. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the Intel Celeron is a gutted piece of hardware junk, that's not possible. So my battery life remains short (which is fine, I can live with that), and my CPU

  3. I saw The DaVinci Code


    Tonight I went to see The DaVinci Code in theatres. Spoilers are ahead. If you don't want to be spoiled, go play elsewhere. If you're ready for my totally biased and inaccurate ravings, please pull up a chair and scroll down.

    Yes, I mean you.

    Keep on scrolling. Nothing to see here.

    Good. All scrolled out yet? No? Okay, scroll for a bit more. Get that scrollin' urge out of your system.

    Ready? Excellent. Well,…

  4. Spatial sense (get some)


    I'm helping out with the backstage portion of my school's production of The Outsiders. Today after school, we needed to paint a set of stairs grey as a piece of the set. The tech department had graciously attached a railing to the stairs (which are just white pieces of wood), and then deposited them on the stage. We planned to carry it into the drama room, which is relatively adjacent to the stage (separated…

  5. Happy Mother's Day, eh


    I'm pretty sure that my mom (unlike my dad) doesn't read my blog. But my dad can probably tell her about this. :angel:

    Yeah...I have 11 minutes to write this, so I shall take my time. It is Mother's Day (still is for me, at least), and I shall take this time to publicly wish my mom a happy Mother's Day. Because that's what I do when I have a website and know how to…

  6. Math competition


    Today I participated in the TD Canada Trust Math Competition at LU. I went last year too, although it was at the college then because of a strike at the university.

    I don't think I did too well at the individual portion. Part of the reason was that some of the questions involved stuff I simply haven't learned yet. As for the team competition...I think we did reasonably well. Again, I felt a bit…

  7. I was all ready to have a nice, simple breakfast. One glass for Kool-aid, one bowl for cereal. Cereal goes in the bowl. Then I went to get some Kool-aid to fill up my glass so that I could take an infernal allergy-relief pill, and... BAM!

    Apparently, my hand thought that the bowl was the glass, and I immersed my cereal in Kool-aid!

    There wasn't much I could do. It was, unfortunately, the last of…

  8. Batman Begins


    Wow. What an awesome movie. I was a bit sceptical at first, especially because the beginning is a bit confusing. But I got into it afterward--it probably helps that Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine are two of my favourite actors. All around though it's a great movie. There are just those moments when Batman saves the day and you've just got to yell out, "Yes!" so loud that the other people in the room think…

  9. Monday, Monday, Monday!


    Gather round, children, and hear a story from me as I rot my teeth with lemonade, licorice, and Coke. :D

    Tonight we had another Black Light performance, this time at Hillcrest High School. Initially we were going to perform in the afternoon too, but that one got cancelled, leaving only the night one. As soon as I got home from school, Wanda picked me up and we drove to Hillcrest, arriving at around 4:30. From…