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Headshot of me with long hair, pink lip stick, light makeup Kara Babcock

My advice: Cereal and Kool-aid? Don't.

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I was all ready to have a nice, simple breakfast. One glass for Kool-aid, one bowl for cereal. Cereal goes in the bowl. Then I went to get some Kool-aid to fill up my glass so that I could take an infernal allergy-relief pill, and... BAM!

Apparently, my hand thought that the bowl was the glass, and I immersed my cereal in Kool-aid!

There wasn't much I could do. It was, unfortunately, the last of the cereal. So I ate it. >_< Gross. It felt like dunking my teeth in sugar, one of thing, and it tasted awful. Do not ever mix cereal and kool-aid.

Unless it's All-Bran, and you're testing it on William Shatner...