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Happy Mother's Day, eh

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I'm pretty sure that my mom (unlike my dad) doesn't read my blog. But my dad can probably tell her about this. :angel:

Yeah...I have 11 minutes to write this, so I shall take my time. It is Mother's Day (still is for me, at least), and I shall take this time to publicly wish my mom a happy Mother's Day. Because that's what I do when I have a website and know how to use it. :shifty: Observe:

pulls a lever.

Whoops--wrong lever!

Why do we even have that lever?

Yet I digress. My mom is a most wonderful person. She does so much for me, ranging from the mundane things that we often take for granted (like toast and tea), to the really spectacular stuff.

Thanks, mom! :hug:

/me goes off to try another lever.