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Articles from April 2006

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  1. Une excursion francaise?


    My French class went on a field trip today. We went to "Kingfisher Outdoor Education Centre". It's a place down near Kingfisher Lake where they teach students about biology and the environment and stuff, and it's a neat place to visit. Our French teacher, Mme. Ben Sari, arranged for us to take the trip so that we could practice our French (the guides don't speak French, but we could speak in French to each other…

  2. VSNS Lemon 3.2.1 released


    VSNS Lemon 3.2.1 is mostly a security update, but brings a few new features as well. You can download it from the VSNS Lemon website.

    Changelog: * Security: Addition of mysql_real_escape_string() to validate user input * Security: Fixed cookie authentication bug * Enhancement: Title of article now appears in title bar * Enhancement: Ability to preview comment or article before finalising changes * Enhancement: Word filter for comments * Efficiency: RSS feed is generated…

  3. Next time you and your family sit down in front of the television to watch your favourite new episode of whatever show you like to watch, try the following game. It's really cool and could liven up what might otherwise be a dull evening, especially if no one spontaneously combusts.

    We all know that product placement is becoming increasingly common. As personal video recorders allow people to skip commercials, companies have to find other ways…

  4. The fever!


    Ugh, it is spring. For most this means the return of green things and the celebration of warm weather. I love those too. But for me it also brings the seeds of hay fever, and I must endure weeks of stuffed up noses, phlegmy throats, and puffy eyes. :wacko: I can feel it already, eh.

    This was day two of me not doing anything. I should really do something. I managed to make a start…

  5. Good Friday, eh?


    I didn't do anything interesting today. It was my brother's birthday (happy 14th, Brad!) but I have not accomplished much. Maybe I'll do some more writing before I go to bed. I have a slideshow due on Tuesday for computer science too--"Pervasiveness of Computers in Everyday Life". It shouldn't be too hard once I get around to doing it.

    Now I'm watching The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring and doing nothing.…

  6. Pasty Tall Guy


    I dropped my application, cover letter, and resumé to the library today. They're hiring pages and such, so I think it'd be a good summer job. My body type sort of fits--tall, pasty, book-orientated. Hopefully I'll soon be the "employed pasty tall guy". :D

    (Okay so I know that I'm already employed, but you know what I mean.)

  7. Black Light, eh


    Original titles are for people who have tea. I have no tea. My tea is steeping, but it is not presently next to me. Hence, the no tea.

    We had our first performance of Freak Show Circus tonight. While I still am on my post-performance exhilirated euphoria, I shall say that it was fun. We were also awesome. I was awesome, even though I suck. Contradictions are good too.

    I couldn't see anything. The…

  8. We surrender


    Dear Kellogg's:

    On behalf of the People of Earth, I hereby formally surrender to you. Your evil scheme, as much as it pains me to admit it, has worked. We solemnly promise to purchase as much All-Bran cereal as you command, oh master, on the sole condition that you stop using William Shatner in your commercials. Usage of Shatner as an All-Bran spokesperson represents reckless endangerment of society, civilization, and The World As We Know…

  9. I need to stand up to myself!


    Gah. I think one of the reasons why I get stressed a lot is because I make too many commitments--especially to myself. I have coding, reading, writing, schoolwork, other obligations, and they all collide and go boom! It doesn't help that I lack time management or prioritizing skills. So I end up devoting all my time to nothing.

    Anyway . . . other than the fact that the day needs more hours, things are going…

  10. Driving


    I went driving for my first time today after Black Light! :|

    I didn't crash the car into anything, though, so we'll call it a success. My dad took me to a subdivision where there's no traffic. Basically I tried to get comfortable with the car--which still scares me--and get a feel for using the steering wheel, gas, brakes, etc. I bemoan my lack of spatial sense and find it very difficult to know just…