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Black Light, eh

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Original titles are for people who have tea. I have no tea. My tea is steeping, but it is not presently next to me. Hence, the no tea.

We had our first performance of Freak Show Circus tonight. While I still am on my post-performance exhilirated euphoria, I shall say that it was fun. We were also awesome. I was awesome, even though I suck. Contradictions are good too.

I couldn't see anything. The lack of light, plus the fact that I had no glasses, made it very difficult to navigate on stage. Hopefully I didn't muck things up too bad. Walking on the "tight rope" was the most terrifying thing I've done. Theoretically I should have been able to see the bench, since the ends were marked with tape, but I saw nothing; the only way to judge its presence was by the rope to the right. Scary indeed.

Everyone acquitted themselves with the utmost gusto and enthusiasm. Having never done this before, I don't think my opinion is the most accurate. All I know is that these people are wacky, zany, and that means I belong with them.

Math homework now. Eeeeeech.

Oh, I got this letter (well, my mom got this letter), from the "Domain Name Registry of Canada". They kindly offered to switch our domain name to them before it expires. The catch being, of course, that they happen to be about 4 times more expensive than Yahoo! (my current registrar). Way to kill trees, people.

It appears I have been selected to attend an OSSTF Student Awards Banquet. I was kind of out of it when Ms. Kwasny told me about it, so I don't fully understand its implications. I'm not sure if I want to go though. :/ My first inclination is to not go, but I'm going to think about it for a few days.