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  1. Goodbye, Kaylee

    Two days after I got back from England, we took our cat Kaylee into the vet in the evening. I had noticed something was off—she seemed jaundiced, and when she started having trouble balancing, I knew there was a problem.

    The following Thursday, we received the news: Kaylee had cancer, in the liver, and it wasn’t going to get better.

    We said goodbye on Saturday.

    Unlike Marble’s decline, Kaylee’s was sudden and unexpected. She had slowed down in her elder years, but she seemed perfectly healthy: sleeping in her chair, walking around the house like she was vaguely dissatisfied with the world, sleeping under the bookshelf, walking around my room like she was specifically dissatisfied with me, and sleeping in her chair. I loved Kaylee because she was effortlessly adorable. She lacked the frenetic energy of a kitten but had that aloofness of an adult cat down. After Marble’s death, I took solace in the hope in that Kaylee would be around for a long time. Now another part of my childhood has slipped away from me, just as I seem to be preparing to uproot myself entirely.

    We still have Sarah, our rambunctious newest addition to the family. She…

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  2. The new cat in the house

    This has traditionally been a two-cat house. Last August one of our cats, Marble, died. We knew we were going to get another cat eventually, but then our basement flooded and required repairs, so we had to postpone until after Christmas. Finally, the day before New Year’s Eve, we went to the Humane Society to pick out a pet.

    Sarah, our new tabby cat, lying on my comforter

    We found Sarah. She is a two-month-old (almost three months now, I guess) tabby. She was one of the first cats we saw when we walked inside, and was probably the youngest female kitten available. (We wanted a female in particular because our surviving cat, Kaylee, is also female.) There were some very cute, older cats, but we thought it would be easier for Kaylee to adjust to the newcomer if it was a relatively young thing. I wasn’t eager to introduce to her a cat that had already developed so many habits and idiosyncrasies. So we selected Sarah, filled out our adoption application, and waited. And waited—it was the New Year’s weekend. My dad was very impatient to get his new kitten!

    Eventually, though, Sarah came home to us. We had to keep her confined to the spare room…

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  3. I am bereaved: rest in peace, my cat Marble

    My two lovely cats, Kaylee and Marble

    This morning, we had two cats. Their names were Marble and Kaylee; they were sisters. I don't remember exactly when we got them, for I was very young, but they must have been 12 years old or even older. So they have been around for most of my life now, and I have grown accustomed to their curmudgeonly feline ways. Upon moving into our newest residence in 2007, Marble took up the habit of sleeping on my bed, while Kaylee appropriated my new reading chair for herself. These arrangements continued for another three and a half years.

    As of this afternoon, we have one cat. Marble died sometime around two o'clock, by my reckoning. I am sorry to see her go, but she was old and ill, and I suppose it was her time.

    For about a year now, Marble has not been well. She was having difficulties using the litter box, but the vet could not find anything wrong with her—our options were, essentially, switch her to some new fattening food or put her down, and I think it's obvious there was only one option there. We tried this, and meanwhile Marble seemed stable—she did not improve, and despite…

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