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I guess Facebook is good for something after all

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Turns that like the Dark Side has a Light Side, so too does Facebook have a cream filling at the centre. (Tune in for more mixed metaphors at 11!)

Through our mutual friend--the Oracle of English herself--Ms. Sukalo, I've reconnected with two friends who I knew way back before I moved to this side of town, back when I went to Algonquin, back in kindergarten and grade 1! Now, I have a terrible memory, especially when it comes to names and faces, but I certainly remember the twins Cassie and Carly. ^_^ On the cool scale from 0 ("heat-death of the universe") to 1000 ("The Colbert Report"), this is a solid 923 (about the same as "being John Cleese")! And if you have no clue what that means, don't worry.

Although that reminds me of an interesting sidebar. Yesterday in English we were discussing the end of The Shipping News, which is seemingly a "happy ending". Our teacher put a quotation from E. Annie Proulx, the author, on the overhead and bid us to discuss it in groups. One of my friends, Andrew, quantified Quoyle's happiness on an interesting graph that he put on the board, concluding that over the course of the story, ΔHappiness = 45 happy points. :lol: It's these sorts of things that make English class cool.

Anyway, I am pleased that joining Facebook has yielded 923 cool points worth of results so far. I look forward to quantifying further unquantifiable concepts in the future.