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My love-hate relationship with Disney

Disney and I have a sort of love-hate relationship going on when it comes to its television.

I'm from the mid-nineties generation of children. I grew up on the after-school and Saturday-morning Disney cartoons like Disney's Recess and The Weekenders. To this day, I proudly admit that I watch those whenever I can. I've got less opportunity to watch The Weekenders, but Recess comes on every day after school, so I watch it if I'm not working. Old school Disney rock on!

Lately I've been less and less impressed with the average after-school shows they've been producing. Maybe I'm just losing touch with today's "cool" brand of pre-adolescents. Maybe I've become too cerebral. But some shows I just can't stand, like Jake Long: American Dragon. Then there are some shows like The Suite Life of Zack & Cody or That's So Raven which I can't help watching while simultaneously loathing and despising myself for watching them. The acting and writing's just so terrible; the gags are just so ... juvenile. I understand that this is children's programming; maybe I'm being too judgemental. But then when I compare these shows to what I watched as a kid (and still watch), there does seem to be a decline in the quality of the productions.

So what gives, Disney?! o_O

P.S. I enjoy Kim Possible, because it presents positive themes for kids in an extremely entertaining matter. But Kim and Ron dating? -_- The show should have ended after So the Drama. I'm sceptical about this fourth season, although on average it hasn't been terrible so far. Just okay...