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  1. Disney has ruined my life


    I have to hand it to Disney. Few corporations can be great at being both good and evil. My hat goes off to you, Disney, for achieving that fine equilibrium. You bring us quality programming for kids--and manage to ruin their lives in the process.

    I speak, of course, about the sick and twisted travesty that is Disney television shows. Case in point: Kim Possible. I ranted once before about how Disney ruined Kim

  2. My love-hate relationship with Disney


    Disney and I have a sort of love-hate relationship going on when it comes to its television.

    I'm from the mid-nineties generation of children. I grew up on the after-school and Saturday-morning Disney cartoons like Disney's Recess and The Weekenders. To this day, I proudly admit that I watch those whenever I can. I've got less opportunity to watch The Weekenders, but Recess comes on every day after school, so I watch it…

  3. Our perfect world


    I've been rather single-minded about finishing my novel lately, and as such I've noticed that my posts here are becoming more narratives about my life (which is, frankly, very boring) instead of interesting glimpses into my mind (which is slightly less boring). So consider the following.

    I don't really like Disney all that much. I find Disney a souless corporation with humble beginnings. That said, we owe Disney a huge debt of gratitude that few…

  4. Narnia


    I went to see The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe last night with my father and brother. It was pretty awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    The camera angles were a bit too tight for my liking. It was like they were trying to stuff too much into every scene, or move too close in on a character's face. It just felt unusual. It will be interesting to see how it…

  5. THHGTG Premieres April 29, 2005!


    Yes, the one movie I have anticipated all my life—er, well at least since I've found it. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy premieres in the U.S. and Canada on April 29, 2005!

    Many people, including myself, are ambivalent (some outright outraged) about the movie. I think that Disney is in a precarious position: if they followed Adams' script, then the movie should be okay. Although I warn people, remember that Adams has the tendency…