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  1. Dusting off the Dell

    My computer is a Dell Inspiron 6400, and it turned five years old last month. It’s been good to me. I replaced the battery once, about two years ago, and the keyboard twice, once under warranty because I broke a key—er, it snapped off—and once because the space bar was getting worn out. Sometime in the past few year years, the left corner of the white trim on the palm rest cracked. Otherwise, this computer has served me well, and it has never let me down.

    But it was getting a little old. And slow. And loud. Despite having a cooling mat, the fan was on full blast pretty constantly—especially in Ubuntu, which is a shame considering I use it as my primary operating system these days. After five years, I suspected that a lot of dust had accumulated inside the laptop. Since I’m not a hardware person, I was worried about opening it up—but if I plan to keep it for at least another two or three years, which I would love to do, I want it running at its best.

    Last week I finally screwed my courage to the sticking place and went down to Northern Computers to…

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  2. I canna give her any more, cap'n!

    I've been very happy with my Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop since purchasing it over a year ago. I bought it online, customized it to meet my needs, and this lovely machine has performed without complaint. There's a chip on the lower left edge of the white trim; I'm not quite sure how it got there. And I had to replace my keyboard once--Dell support was very helpful and shipped one to me by the next day.

    As for battery life? Well, the battery charge lasts a long time--I can get four, four and a half hours out of my laptop if I'm not doing anything more strenuous than browsing or writing--listening to music or playing videos drains it a little faster. This is a marked improvement over the twenty minute lifespan of my Toshiba Satellite's battery, which is one of the reasons I love this laptop so much! :D

    The battery's life, however, could have been better--past tense. The original battery has reached its golden years in a little under a year and a half of service. Unfortunately, Dell's batteries are covered under a separate "standard" 12-month warranty. If the battery fails after that, you have to buy a new…

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  3. Finally

    The long night has ended.

    Two good events have occurred in the past week to counterbalance this annoying cough that's plagued me. Firstly, my new computer arrived on the 21st! Secondly, I am now officially done with high school.

    With university approaching, I wanted a new computer. My former one, a Toshiba Satellite A70, was ... performance-challenged, to say it nicely. It was a nice computer in its own right, but clunky from the start and it did not improve. While it did what you asked, the battery life was poor, and it ran too hot. It would not make a good computer for commuting between university and home. Time to upgrade!

    With Seth's assistance I went through the customization process on Dell's website and had soon ordered my own Inspiron 6400: Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB RAM, 160 GB hard drive. :drool: Oh, and Windows Vista. It was a tense two and a half weeks waiting for it to arrive. No one was home when the courier came, though, so I had to go pick it up at the depot. Luckily I've got a great boss who let me drop by the depot while I was working to…

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