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  1. I biked to work today even though it wasn't the smartest thing to do, what with having a sunburn and no sunscreen. But it worked. So I worked for five hours, then biked home and relaxed until we went to another baseball game.

    Everything started well. Cody Allen hit a home run in the second inning, much to the cheers of the crowd. Unfortunately as the game progressed Mankato snuck in a three-run homer to…

  2. Another great day at the ballpark


    You must be getting tired of my recounts of baseball games by now. :D I'll say this, however: it was a great game. Final score 5-0 for our team, and everything was fun to watch. Our fielding was much improved; I'm particularly impressed with Oney Guillen, the second baseman. In the first few games, he tripped and fumbled and dropped and let things by that he should have easily fielded. He seemed on the ball…

  3. Ball game


    Went to the first Border Cats home game tonight. It was...not what I had expected. Everything started great, but things quickly went downhill. We had reasonable pitching but some poor fielding, and worst of all, no offence whatsoever--I think we got about one or two hits. By the bottom of the sixth, the score was 8-0 in favour of the Rochester Honkers. It was getting cold and late, so my dad and I left.


  4. Woo hoo!

    We won! It was an amazing game, but yes, the short term would be "we are the champions."

    They scored no runs until the last half of the game, where they unfortunately tied with us, 3-3. Everyone on the team was playing excellently (there were some errors, but no more than usual). Justin Bach played third base since Joey Lieberman had departed, and he was surprisingly good for a change, he even got…

  5. The reign of victory continues


    The Border Cats and their reign of victory continues.

    Although we lost the first of the three games, we have the home field advantage so we played the next one here. And we were awesome! Robbie Johns scored two home runs in two consecutive innings (one home run per inning)! It was amazing.

    High scoring game (8-5) but we managed to keep them from scoring in the latter half. Shaun Williams came in to finish…

  6. Border Cats Blast


    My hands hurt and my voice is hoarse from clapping and shouting.

    The Thunder Bay Border Cats have won the Northwoods Northern Division Playoffs! So this means we're going up against the Madison Mallards for the title of League Champions. I'm confident we can beat them (although not necessarily that we will beat them).

    Tonight's game was absolutely amazing. St. Cloud scored in the first inning, but then we scored two runs at the bottom…

  7. Border Cats win! Going to the playoffs!


    All right, I'm not usually this excited about sporting events. But having your own college league baseball team in your city is pretty cool. Watching them win is even better.

    So the Border Cats are going to the playoffs! Won their spot tonight in a game of 8-3; they'll be facing off in a best-2-of-3 series against last half's winner, St. Cloud River Bats. I'm confident they'll win against St. Cloud and will go on…

  8. Never a bad night at the ballpark!


    Well, tonight (actually last night, since I'm writing this at 4:18 AM) proves that there's not really such a thing as a bad night at the ballpark.

    It was raining, but I still had a very good time. Our team got off to a very good start: the pitcher kept the other team off the bases, and our batting order was quite strong. To that end, I saw two home runs for our team (one…