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The reign of victory continues

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The Border Cats and their reign of victory continues.

Although we lost the first of the three games, we have the home field advantage so we played the next one here. And we were awesome! Robbie Johns scored two home runs in two consecutive innings (one home run per inning)! It was amazing.

High scoring game (8-5) but we managed to keep them from scoring in the latter half. Shaun Williams came in to finish off the top of the 9th. I will say this for the Mallards: they belong in the championships for a reason. While Williams smoked three consecutive batters on Thursday, he struggled slightly on Saturday, allowing two batters on base but finally striking out the third.

The fans were on their feet during that inning, and the tension was palpable with each pitch. They didn't even bother announcing Williams was going to pitch, the fans knew who he was (and if they didn't, their friends would tell them). Williams was pumped—he only took about fifteen minutes to warm up after the bottom of the seventh when he last was at bat.

As a side note, my brother won "Guess the Attendance" and got a deck of Northwoods League playing cards (the attendance was 3103, the bleachers and entire stadium were packed).

So now we have to play game 3 tomorrow, at our stadium. I'm hoping that a combination of confidence from this game and the power of thousands of fans cheering them on will lead the Border Cats to their first ever championship win! And if not . . . well, we came this far, the best we've ever done. And it was an awesome thing to see.