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Never a bad night at the ballpark!

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Well, tonight (actually last night, since I'm writing this at 4:18 AM) proves that there's not really such a thing as a bad night at the ballpark.

It was raining, but I still had a very good time. Our team got off to a very good start: the pitcher kept the other team off the bases, and our batting order was quite strong. To that end, I saw two home runs for our team (one of which brought home three). Up until now, all the home runs were on away games or home games I didn't see.

We were up 13 at the bottom of the 7th. Now, at this point, we did not have to worry about many things. So the coach let one of the pitchers bat. He struck out, but it was cool to see him bat anyway, and he got to play right field in the 9th; another pitcher tried his luck at the bottom of the 8th and also struck out. You know your team is confident when they let the pitchers start to bat!

Speaking of pitching, for the ninth inning we let our second baseman pitch. He's a great contact hitter (seldom strikes out, lots of fly balls though), excellent fielder, and apparently used to be a pitcher four years ago. He did pretty well in the ninth: three up, three down. One was a routine throw from our shortstop to first base, and the other two were fantastic consecutive strike outs.

I really enjoy watching our team play, even in the rain. We sat in the bleachers the whole time (my dad and I) because, frankly, I prefer their view and the freedom of space to the confines of the reserved seats, even though we had reserved tickets from my dad's work. I got a little wet, but it was worth it.

Final score: 14 - 1. That is all.