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Articles from December 2007

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  1. Game review time


    I've tried out all of my Xbox games now (except Forza Motorsport, because I don't do racing games), just to get a taste of what each one offers. Here's my opinion on each. Keep in mind that I haven't completed any of them, and I'm not a gamer. So my evaluations are based on different values than that of what a hard-core gamer or fan of a particular title might look at.

    t: Assassin's Creed…

  2. And the Christmas season is upon us


    I'm going to skip my usual rant about the Christmas season and go straight to the part where I talk about all the fun material goods I acquired.

    Oodles and oodles of chocolate and candy, firstly, which is never a bad thing. Plus some movies, season 2.0 of Battlestar Galactica, some nail clippers, some desk calendars, and some games for Xbox 360.

    What was that? Xbox 360--surely Ben doesn't have an Xbox 360!


  3. So what if it's plastic and doesn't actually unlock things (which would be ever so slightly illegal)? It still makes authentic noises, extends, and lights up. Plus it pulls double duty as a regular pen and a UV pen!

    Yes, I'm talking about the sonic screwdriver toy. It may be a simple toy, but it makes me happy. :D The sonic screwdriver is a brilliant little device from Doctor Who, so even a plastic…

  4. Scruffy's on break


    I'm finished all my exams. Classes are done. Aside from work and the inevitable demands of Christmas, I am on break until January 7. ^_^ Let the relaxation begin. Or at least, that's what I'd like to do.

    I've got tons of stuff I want to work on, however. I have several website-related projects, one of which is particularly dear to me. I've been working on it since about September; I don't know how it…

  5. Houston, the snow has landed


    Driveway before shovelling


    There is no other way to describe it. Since it started four days ago, winter has systematically and ambitiously blotted out any trace of summer from our lovely little town, plunging us into a deep snowy (literally) miasma of cold. And that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

    But there is snow, and lots of it. My dad and I spent about an hour shovelling this morning--and that was just to clear the driveway so…

  6. No luck with Linux


    Every time I try to get Kubuntu working, I become more and more convinced that Kubuntu just doesn't want to be friends with me. It's always a mixed bag. It's not all Kubuntu's fault--it's a very nice Linux distro, functions well--sometimes I'm to blame. Still, the learning curve--and the bumps along the way--are disheartening.

    Yesterday I decided to do a clean install of Kubuntu 7.10 ("Gutsy Gibbon"). My hard drive was already partitioned because…