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Articles from November 2007

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  1. Cognitive dissonance strikes again


    We all do it. A celebrity--actor, athlete, whoever--appears on our television screen and tells us to do something, to support some cause, to buy a product. Because, you know, they use the product or support that cause, so we should too.

    When that happens, I just like to remind myself that these are the same types of people whom we vilify for leading immoral, hedonistic lifestyles of sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll. We condemn…

  2. Anyone from Iceland out there?


    Canada is an excellent place to live. We have a high standard of living, lots of yummy technology, a diverse mosaic of culture, and many other advantageous qualities that make us a good country in which to birth your offspring. But I don't think Canada is necessarily the best place to live. Naturally this begs the question, where is?

    Which makes me think about Iceland. For those of you who do not live in Iceland,…