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Scruffy's on break

Note: This post was written before I realized I was trans and/or before I came out online. As such, I might refer to myself as a man or use my deadname. Please read my name policy to understand how you should refer to me.

I'm finished all my exams. Classes are done. Aside from work and the inevitable demands of Christmas, I am on break until January 7. ^_^ Let the relaxation begin. Or at least, that's what I'd like to do.

I've got tons of stuff I want to work on, however. I have several website-related projects, one of which is particularly dear to me. I've been working on it since about September; I don't know how it will pan out yet, but I really hope it goes well. It's just a huge task, since I'm doing everything from scratch. I haven't forgotten about VSNS Lemon 4 either! The trouble is, I don't want to release it until I upgrade this blog--and I don't want to upgrade this blog until I have redone everything for PHP 5. That means a new design, and therein lies the crux of the problem. Design has never been my forte. I can execute designs, but creating them ... mmm, not so much.

In non-computer related tasks, I have plenty of writing I want to do--not so much inspiration.

I'll manage. First I need to be lazy and have a well-deserved break. Then I'll tackle some of these things. :D