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Articles from February 2007

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  1. Missing Media


    As I continue to expand my boundaries of knowledge by reading and watching more books and movies, it occurs to me that there are some books/movies that are regarded as "classics" by culture, but that I've never had a chance to actually experience the whole way through. An example of this is It's A Wonderful Life--classic Christmas movie, but I guess because it's been played over and over on TV so much, I never…

  2. Doomsday



    That last scene between Rose and the Doctor was just so sad, but poignant. It wasn't the catharsis for which I was looking--not really--but it came close. I cried. I knew that the Doctor would run out of time before he could say it, but still, watching it happen.... Wow.

    The Tenth Doctor is my favourite television character bar none now. At the beginning of season 2 I was worried, I'll admit, that David…

  3. Vanilla Guestbook 1.2 released


    Vanilla Guestbook has long suffered from neglect on my part. Unfortunately, I've just been too busy to devote as much time as I would have liked to improving it. So I'm sure you'll be happy to learn that today marks the release of the next version of Vanilla Guestbook.

    The coolest new feature, in my opinion, is the localisation support that I've added thanks to the gettext extension for PHP. Now, it would be even…

  4. I never liked JavaScript. I find it awkward to use. Part of this is due to the fact that, because it's a client-side language, it depends on the user's browser to function, so it inherits the stigma of "results may vary". Moreover, error-handling has always been hit-and-miss. I find it hard to figure out where I'm going wrong, even with Console2 running interference for me. So JavaScript and I have never really gotten…

  5. Before and After


    Before and After

    My stuffed animals My brother, Brad, and I spent almost the entire day painting my room. It turned out wonderfully, and I'm very pleased with it--not only are the walls a different colour, but it gave me a chance to clean out my room and reorganise. ^_^ Of course, a lot of prep work went into the endeavor. I had to remove all of my stuffed animals from my room ... and I have a lot. They aren't…