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This is your world. This is your world on jQuery.

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I never liked JavaScript. I find it awkward to use. Part of this is due to the fact that, because it's a client-side language, it depends on the user's browser to function, so it inherits the stigma of "results may vary". Moreover, error-handling has always been hit-and-miss. I find it hard to figure out where I'm going wrong, even with Console2 running interference for me. So JavaScript and I have never really gotten along, and that's been a large limitation to me as a web developer.

Enter jQuery. In essence, jQuery is a JavaScript library that makes writing JavaScript much easier. I love it. I went from being able to do next to nothing with JavaScript to achieving fairly neat results with jQuery. ^_^ I managed to redo all the JavaScript in Vanilla Guestbook using jQuery (yes, that means a new version is coming your way soon). Less code = less places to mess up, so while error-handling is still hit-and-miss, I can usually find the line that contains the error pretty easily. Plus, the syntax makes a whole lot more sense to me than plain JavaScript.

Much thanks to Seth for prodding me to try jQuery. This looks like the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship. :wub: