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Enough with the global warming crisis already

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I've already blogged about the indecency with which people have treated global warming. This is not a repeat, but an addendum.

Society loves to make a big deal out of issues that are silly and don't really matter, like gay marriage or what colour of underwear Britney Spears purchases. If we didn't draw so much attention to them, guess what: they wouldn't affect our lives that much. Yes, shocking.

I am sick and tired of pundits on both sides of this issue blowing it out of proportion. Yes, global warming exists. Sure, maybe humans are contributing. Go ahead and debate the significance of our contribution as much as you want. The major source of controversy, it seems, are the efforts to curb our greenhouse gas emissions; some groups believe that these efforts are wastes of time. Well consider this: so what if humans don't have an effect on global warming? Does this mean that not curbing our greenhouse gas emissions will help more than curbing them will? I am not a climatologist--or even an economist for that matter--but even if we don't have a significant impact on global warming, I would think that lessening our dependency on fossil fuels would be good, both for the environment and the chequebook.

But of course since I don't take an extremist stance on one side of the issue or the other, my opinion obviously isn't going to catch on. I'll fade back into relative obscurity now while our leaders continue to overcompensate for their shortcomings by posturing for the paparazzi. :angel: