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Articles from September 2006

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  1. Celebrating birthdays in style


    Today I had a party today, with about eight friends over, where we just hung out and watched movies. First we watched A Night at the Roxbury, which I had never seen before, although I love "What is Love". Then we played two games of Scrabble; the first was a standard regulation game, and then we played one where "anything goes". And uh ... yeah. :ermm: We had some pretty interesting combinations of letters…

  2. Smile


    Arr. Today (Sept 19) be Talk Like a Pirate Day, me matey! :arr: Ye must be speakin' like a pirate iffin' ye want yer respect!

    Avast, tomorrow is me very own birthday, wherein I be 17 Canadian years old! Aye, it feels ... weird. Today at work me piratical co-worker, Kamila, brought me a shiny chocolate cake thingy with a cool blue crayon candle, and a yellow smiley balloon (hence the title of this…

  3. Kubuntu, Birthdays, and Deaths


    The order is arbitrary, incidentally.

    I've been playing around with Kubuntu recently. My laptop used to overheat and shutdown in Kubuntu due to poor power management issues with the CPU. A few weeks ago, however, I took a shop-vac to the fans and sucked out the dust, and now it runs beautifully. I decided to try Kubuntu again, and although the fan is louder than in Windows, it doesn't get hot at all, which…

  4. First week back!


    I'm nearing the end of the first week back (-ish). So far it feels ... the same, yet different. The same in the sense that I'm used to it; there aren't many surprises. However, being a grade 12 feels different. I've been doing this for three years. I can look around and see the grade 9s and wonder if I was ever like that. The friends I have beside me I've known for three or…

  5. We are dangerous


    Friendly fire that killed Canadians was 'freak accident'.

    Is it just me, or does it seem like more Canadians in Afghanistan get killed by "friendly fire" than by the Taliban insurgents? Is anyone sent there even remotely competent?

    Stephen Harper has made it no secret that he intends to increase our defence budget, which is all well and good in a way, since our military sucks. I think that there should definitely be a…

  6. Brain Drip


    Here's just a random distillation of the thoughts swirling around in my head today (happy Labour Day, everyone). Maybe after doing this I can actually get some writing done before I go to bed.

    Speaking of which, I have school tomorrow. Yes, grade 12, my last year of high school. For those who would like to pretend to be interested in my course schedule:

    First semester: Geometry/Discrete Math, AP Physics, AP Calculus, and Drama Second