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First week back!

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I'm nearing the end of the first week back (-ish). So far it feels ... the same, yet different. The same in the sense that I'm used to it; there aren't many surprises. However, being a grade 12 feels different. I've been doing this for three years. I can look around and see the grade 9s and wonder if I was ever like that. The friends I have beside me I've known for three or four years (and some even longer), and we've all gone through similar experiences. Now that this is my last year, the sense that it is all coming to a close becomes more obvious.

Westgate seems a lot more crowded this year, in class size and hallway congestion. This could be an illusion; it could be normal and I just need to readjust after the break.

My geometry class has about 25 people. It isn't that bad, except that geometry has always been one of my weaker points in math, simply because I am not a visual person; I don't learn visually. I prefer more algebra with equations. We've already delved into vectors, and although I grasp most of the key concepts, drawing the diagrams can elude me. Hopefully, however, this is just a byproduct of back-to-school jetlag.

After only two physics classes I already remember the problem I had last year: it's so mind-numbingly slow. And this is not to insult Mr. Andrews at all--he is both funny and a great guy. But we spend most of the period with example problems, which we get an insane amount of time to do. I can understand that some people need longer amounts of time, but I dislike how the AP students have been combined with the regular grade 12 physics students. Now there's 34 bodies squished into the room. I still need review in physics, but I am ready to go through it quickly and start learning new stuff.

On the flip side, my AP Calculus class has only six people. :D I already like it; the math is more to my liking (with equations and fun stuff). I think I'm going to buy a graphing calculator, however; it will help me both in my math courses this year and in my math major to come!

Last class of the day is drama. Ah, wubbly drama. :wub: How many different ways can I say "best class ever"?! Need I list the reasons? Mrs. Vieira is teaching it once again, so we shall have a blast. There are only thirteen people, including myself, and I love small classes. Bonus points: we are all from the first semester drama class, save one person, whom I know from working on The Outsiders production last semester anyway. Since we're such a tightly-knit group, we already know how to work well together and still have a good time. Of all my classes, drama is the one that most feels like I just put school on pause and can step back into it right away. Plus it's comforting to relax and goof off (er, I mean, work hard at drama!) at the end of the day. :yes:

To sum up: grade 12 is a tingly feeling that comes with the anticipation of escaping; math is craziness; drama is the best thing since sliced bread landing butter side up.