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Kubuntu, Birthdays, and Deaths

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The order is arbitrary, incidentally.

I've been playing around with Kubuntu recently. My laptop used to overheat and shutdown in Kubuntu due to poor power management issues with the CPU. A few weeks ago, however, I took a shop-vac to the fans and sucked out the dust, and now it runs beautifully. I decided to try Kubuntu again, and although the fan is louder than in Windows, it doesn't get hot at all, which gives me the green light to start playing. ^_^

Seth was a big help and was patient enough to answer my many questions as I poked Kubuntu and tweaked it to my satsifaction. If it weren't for him I would never have been able to get up and running so quickly. As it stands now, I feel comfortable enough to use it to do things like write this blog entry, chat, etc., after only three days!

The best part about learning Kubuntu is that it's fun. Learning Windows is not fun; learning Windows is a chore. Although the terms "Linux" and "command-line" can seem scary, they aren't that scary as long as you go at your own pace. And the terminology is awesome. For example, the password manager for KDE is called "kwallet". While reading a topic about knetworkmanager, I saw a post that basically explained knetworkmanager's workings as "it takes the [network] keys from your wallet". How comprehensible is that?! :drool: That's English right there--a foreign language to Microsoft. It was vexing to try and configure Kubuntu before because of the other problems ongoing (the overheating and such), but now that these are gone, I can focus entirely on just customising it to best suit me, and that's fun.

I should also note that my dear friend Cortney celebrated her 17th birthday yesterday, September 12. Happy birthday, Cortney! :wub: No one else's birthday is coming up in the next few days, luckily, so I can safely celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day in peace. Nothing else interesting in the month of September, nope. Not at all.

Unfortunately, for all the happy things, there can be some really unhappy things. A shooting happened today, at Dawson College in Montreal. One person is dead and nineteen others are injured. (Read the CBC article.) Not only is this a terrible event, but it is such a completely random one as far as we know--there doesn't seem to be any cause for it. My heart goes out to the families and friends of the casualities, as well as the people who witnessed the attack. :console:

I could say something corny like "tomorrow will be a better day", but it won't. Tomorrow is a Thursday, and I could never get a hang of Thursdays.