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VSNS Lemon 3.2.2 released

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I've been working on VSNS Lemon 3.3 for a little bit now. My major focus was improving it so that it wouldn't be so buggy (sucky). There aren't that many more features I'd like to add to it--the point is, after all, to keep it simple and avoid feature creep or feature bloat.

So those of you who like simple will hopefully like this upgrade. It contains numerous bug fixes:

  • Security: Added session_name() to differentiate between sessions
  • Enhancement: User interface for emoticon management
  • Enhancement: Redesign for admin CP interface
  • Bug Fix: Major header() errors no longer appear (I hope!)
  • Bug Fix: Quotation marks in headings caused form to break
  • Bug Fix: Comment editing not totally effective
  • Enhancement: Ability to give preview of article in archives/index

But wait, Ben! You said this was all supposed to be v3.3! Why are you calling it v3.2.2?! :huh:

Well, because v3.3. would actually need some more improvements to be called a major step up from v3.2.1. There are really only two more features I would add: a simple search engine, and (as I've been saying forever) some properly-integrated AJAX to make editing/admin stuff easier. I'm hoping to include the search engine in v3.3. The AJAX may have to wait longer (perhaps forever).

Make a backup before you update, although I'm sure it'll all go well. :angel:

Please note an important change, however: if you are calling the script from another page, you must include settings.php, since final.php doesn't exist! This should be done at the top of the page, preferably, to avoid any errors. Then place call_vsns($_REQUEST['type']); wherever you want the news to appear.

Download VSNS Lemon 3.2.2!