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Back to school resolutions

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These things never work. I don't bother making New Years resolutions, so I don't see why back to school resolutions would work anyway. But it is early enough in the morning and I haven't had any tea yet, so who knows?

Depressingly enough, school does start in about two weeks for me. It's not that I dislike school--I enjoy it and will welcome the change from working every day--but I don't feel like I've relaxed at all during my vacation, and it went too fast. I'm afraid that I'll start freaking out, stressing myself out, and generally having a bad time again once school starts unless I apply some brakes. So here are my resolutions.

t: 1. Get more sleep d: I don't sleep as much as I should, and it's entirely my fault, so let's fix this one. I should be going to bed at 11 PM (maybe midnight at the latest) if I want to be able to get up at 7 AM. It isn't so much that I dislike sleep as that my body seems to be fine naturely attuning its Circadian rhythms to a 4 AM - 1 PM cycle. The rest of society isn't that obliging, however. t: 2. Hang up the t-shirts that my parents iron d: I admit I'm remiss in this--I sort of toss them in a pile on my bed. This is irresponsible of me; they go to a lot of trouble to iron the t-shirts for me, and I should at least take the few seconds and hang them up in my closet. I blame this on several factors: I'm lazy, yes, but also my closet doors don't open and close smoothly, so what is a simple procedure for an ordinary person becomes a fifteen minute ordeal that ends up with the movie rights being sold to Universal in return for some chewing gum. t: 3. Stop killing myself with support tickets d: This one is rather self-explanatory. Stop attempting to answer every unanswered support ticket that falls from the sky. I feel very bad, you see, to see unanswered support tickets. :( But if I want to remain intact, I think I need to start cutting myself off each day. t: 4. Don't make any more commitments d: Like rhythm, commitment is another word that I can never spell properly. Anyway, I need to stop doing things for other people--not totally, but in the general sort of, "Yeah, sure, I'll do this long-term project for you." This all hooks into being more assertive in general. I just don't have the time, unfortunately, to devote to anything else; I barely have time to bother extricating myself from current commitments. t: 5. Don't do more schoolwork than is necessary. But don't, for the love of Zarquon, procrastinate d: I suspect that this will be harder than it sounds. I have a very strict work ethic, but since last year I realised that Westgate's academic standards are different from those of FWCI, and also, I'm in my last year of school now. This doesn't mean "get lower grades". It means "determine the absolute minimal amount of work required to keep my grades this high". However, for whatever work I do decide to complete, don't procrastinate on it. It doesn't solve anything and it ends up to more stress near the due date.

So that was my list, eh. I hope you enjoyed it and I encourage you to make your own back to school resolutions (even if you aren't going back to school!). :D Now I shall be off to work.