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  1. Rocking the Fort (in our own way)


    No, I didn't go to Rock the Fort this year (you American people of course have no idea what I'm talking about, let alone you poor people in Britain, Singapore, Ireland, India, etc., but bear with me). However, today my friend Laura and I did take a trip out to Old Fort William Historical Park to take a tour and have some fun (and to laugh at our friends who were working out there).


  2. Superman Returns (Original Soundtrack)


    I bought the original soundtrack for Superman Returns today. Wow. It's so awesome.

    I don't know if John Williams knew what he was creating when he composed the original Superman theme, but I love that music sooo much it's not even funny. :wub: So to here it again in theatres was absolutely amazing, and now I can play it anytime I want! John Ottman did a tremendous job composing new music that was based off…

  3. Tidbit Trivia on Hanging


    I was reading up on hanging according to Wikipedia because I've got a scene coming up in my novel wherein some of the characters are slated to be hanged. My original reason for looking up the article was to see if it had information on why we use "hanged" instead of "hung" for the past participle when referring to the capital punishment. It does have such a section, although the reason behind the grammatical…

  4. iHave iPod


    It's true, Apple has sucked me into the world of bottled music. :o

    While I enjoy my job at the gallery far too much for my own good, I do bike to and from work 40 minutes a day, five days a week. For the past week or so I've been toying with the idea of getting some sort of portable music player to help relieve the monotony of such rides. I wasn't sure if…

  5. Serendipity


    Literally just when I was thinking about embedding media and how much trouble I've had with it in the past, Elizabeth Castro and A List Apart publish "Bye, Bye ".

    It's almost as if they read my minds. :ph34r:

    I love A List Apart because of their wealth of articles. They provide such interesting information that I often experience the "Wikipedia effect" (where I just follow links for hours on end from one article…

  6. Superman Returns


    There is only one word that can describe Superman Returns: iconic.

    That's what Superman is to people; an icon for all that is good. And I think that Superman Returns captures that in its purest form. I went into the movie expecting it to be great; not excellent, but okay. I came out from an awesome experience that left me nearly breathless. It was way better than I expected.

    Spoilers are ahead.

  7. I biked to work today even though it wasn't the smartest thing to do, what with having a sunburn and no sunscreen. But it worked. So I worked for five hours, then biked home and relaxed until we went to another baseball game.

    Everything started well. Cody Allen hit a home run in the second inning, much to the cheers of the crowd. Unfortunately as the game progressed Mankato snuck in a three-run homer to…

  8. Happy Canada Day!


    Yes, Canada Day was yesterday, and I fully intended to post yesterday, but wouldn't you know...

    I spent Canada Day doing one of the best things possible: going to a baseball game with my dad. It was raining, unfortunately, so the 1:05 start turned into a 2:05 start, and for a reason which I have yet to discern, the auctioned Border Cats jerseys were yellow, not red. Way to go with tradition. :rolleyes:…