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It's here!

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VSNS Lemon 3.2 is here! :jay:

Vastly improved (translation: it no longer sucks), version 3.2 irons out bugs and brings an unprecedented level of functionality to my blog script. In other words, I am no longer frustrated when I try to use it myself. If you don't like it, I do not blame you, but I am not to blame that your tastes are not exactly the same as mine.

So there.

You may also have noticed that the site looks a bit different and some pages (such as the scripts and about pages) have more content. That's because I have tweaked the styles to make it easier to read the site and enriched the content. More changes to come, hopefully.

With VSNS Lemon finally stable and such, I can now devote time toward Vanilla Guestbook, which I've been woefully neglecting! It is extremely buggy and poorly coded, so I'm going to rework it until I am satisfied.

With March Break upon me...I've also got some writing to do, I think. :shifty:

Edit: Okay, it's official, I should go to sleep. I just spent five minutes trying to fix a "bug" in script because the article kept on unpinning itself. Then I realised I had entered 2005 into the expiration date rather than a 2006 date. >_<