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Can you follow directions?

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Time yourself. Three minutes only. - Read everything carefully before doing anything. - Open a new tab (or window for those of you unfortunate enough to be using Internet Explorer) - Go to Google - Think of an animal, any animal, and type it in - Take the first result on the second page. - Go to Yahoo! and type that result in. - Take the fourth result on the first page and write down the first word in the title on a piece of paper. - Below the title, write your name. - Circle your name. - Think of a number between 2 and 65. - Think of another number between 2 and 65. - Flip the paper over and add the two numbers together. - Go back to Google - Type the number into Google followed by the words "I am slowly going crazy" (in quotations) - If you reach this point in under three minutes, congratulations. Post a comment on this blog entry that says "I HAVE REACHED THIS STEP IN UNDER THREE MINUTES. I AM AN UBER-INTERNET USERoRZ!!!!" - Go to your favourite message board. - Randomly choose a topic title. - Paste the title into Google after the words "Why is this test so long?" (in quotations) - Write down the number of results found on the piece of paper you have. - Now that you have finished reading everything carefully, do only steps 1 and 2.