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6 Articles from November 2004

  1. VSNS v2.3.3 is released!

    Tonight marks the release of my VSNS v2.3.3. Although it should perhaps be v2.4, I'm too lazy to rename all of that stuff, meh. You should upgrade to v2.3.3 because--perhaps surprisingly--upgrading in the future will become easier. Version 2.3.3 features a new "Update" page that runs a script which compares your version of VSNS with the latest version on my site, and tells you if you need to update.

    Unless I encounter bugs in 2.3.3, the next version of VSNS will be v2.4; although I'm debating whether or not to go ahead on that. I think I might build a spin-off of the VSNS that is designed to be a more complex news publishing script that relies more heavily on the MySQL database.

    Right now ArgonX takes front seat, a calendar scheduling program that I'm developing. After I finish v1.0 of ArgonX, I will turn my sights to a basic website admin control panel, which will hopefully integrate ArgonX, VSNS, and perhaps my newer advanced news script if I choose to develop it.

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  2. R.I.P. John Morgan

    John Morgan, memorable Air Farce comedian with character such as Mike from Canmore and Jock McBile, died on Monday.

    I grew up on Air Farce, and John Morgan was my favourite of the troupe . . . it's said to see so many good actors dying when I'm so young . . .


  3. Disney will bring us the meaning of life

    Woohoo! A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie is becoming a reality. Check out the trailer on Yahoo!

    I can't wait to see it. Too bad Douglas Adams didn't live long enough to see his dreams for a movie become reality. . . .

    Oh and Disney, if you mess this up, then I shall curse you unto eternity.

    I made another scene today using trueSpace. You can view it in my gallery. Soon I'll put up the actual scenes for download.

  4. Happy Birthday, Dad!

    It's my dad's birthday today . . . so happy birthday, Dad. If you're reading this, then it's time to close the browser and play some Freecell. . . .

    I've added a great new feature to the VSNS. With v2.3.3, you will be able to pin items at any time, or unpin a pinned item rather than deleting it. Version 2.3.3 will be released shortly.

  5. Moment of silence please

    Today we solemnly commemorate to those brave Canadian men and women who gave their lives for our country. This day, called Remembrance Day, serves to honour their memory and their sacrifices.

  6. Very minor updates

    I've updated VSNS to v2.3.2. No real important changes, just some things to make the code cleaner and the control panel easier to use.