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VSNS v2.3.3 is released!

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Tonight marks the release of my VSNS v2.3.3. Although it should perhaps be v2.4, I'm too lazy to rename all of that stuff, meh. You should upgrade to v2.3.3 because--perhaps surprisingly--upgrading in the future will become easier. Version 2.3.3 features a new "Update" page that runs a script which compares your version of VSNS with the latest version on my site, and tells you if you need to update.

Unless I encounter bugs in 2.3.3, the next version of VSNS will be v2.4; although I'm debating whether or not to go ahead on that. I think I might build a spin-off of the VSNS that is designed to be a more complex news publishing script that relies more heavily on the MySQL database.

Right now ArgonX takes front seat, a calendar scheduling program that I'm developing. After I finish v1.0 of ArgonX, I will turn my sights to a basic website admin control panel, which will hopefully integrate ArgonX, VSNS, and perhaps my newer advanced news script if I choose to develop it.

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