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  1. Cover image for I wrote a thing (about education)

    I wrote a thing (about education)


    Did you know that the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives publishes an education journal called Our Schools/Our Selves? Neither did I, until I saw a call for proposals for articles related to teaching during the pandemic. My proposal to write about adult and continuing education during the pandemic was approved. After a couple of months of drafting and editing, the final version has been published! You can download the PDF from this page—my…

  2. Ratings are not recommendations


    A caveat lector for those who enjoy my reviews: sometimes new information comes to light that changes my opinion of books or authors I’ve regarded highly in the past.
  3. A look back at NaNoWriMo


    I meant to post this earlier, but somewhere along the way I forgot about it. Anyway.

    At the end of October, the part of me that is absolutely, certifiably insane decided that I would be doing NaNoWriMo this November. This was two days before the start. I had no outline, only the inklings of a story idea, and I knew November was going to be busy in terms of both school and work.

    "Oh, it'll…

  4. Read the diaries of George Orwell


    George Orwell was an English author of great talent. In addition to Nineteen Eighty-Four and Animal Farm, his two most well-known works of fiction, he was a journalist and an essayist. His topics varied; he covered politics and philosophy, as well as the evolving nature of language. Nineteen Eighty-Four has had a profound affect on our culture, introducing phrases like "Big Brother" into the English language. I'm certain that Orwell would shudder to learn…

  5. No more red squiggles


    At 96 pages, Word gave up. It decided that my novel had too many spelling errors for it to mark up anymore, and promptly advised me that I was an idiot and should use spell check. Those red squiggles that underline mispelt words then disappeared. How I miss them. :(

    I don't actually spell many words wrong, but I do make up a lot of places and names. I'm just too lazy to add those…