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  1. Cover image for Starting 2022 with a fresh look

    Starting 2022 with a fresh look


    I’ve redesigned my personal site to match Kara.Reviews and learned Tailwind, a CSS toolkit, in the process.
  2. New site who dis?


    It has been over five years since the last major redesign of my website! The gap is largely because, as I’ve grown older and become more occupied with adulting and other real-life things, I’ve lost much of my interest in coding. I’m finding it difficult to devote the time required to keep up with advances in technologies like CSS, much less finishing my own designs or tweaking the software needed to keep the lights…

  3. Code fatigue and an amateur dilemma


    I believe this is what we call an impasse.

    My first forays online were in direct proportion to me learning how to code. I crafted my website in HTML, by hand, on GeoCities, for upwards of three years. Then I learned PHP, and MySQL, and from there the sky was the limit. For a long time, I loved coding for the web.

    This website is currently running a Frankensteined combination of…

  4. New design


    It’s been over four years since my previous major redesign, and two years since any major tweaks to my website’s layout. This latest redesign began life as a series of minor tweaks designed—it always seems like there are rough edges. As I got a better grasp of what I didn’t like about the design and what I wanted to do with it, the project grew slightly more in scope. Still, I’m pleased with how quickly…

  5. Updated my “About Me” page


    I have rewritten my “About Me” page. It has needed some updates for a while now. I focused on making the page briefer while keeping it informative. Now people who come to my site can know who I am in a few paragraphs. If they need to know me more deeply, they will know where to stalk me.

    Also, the page now includes an excellent photo that portrays my love of math and silliness. The…

  6. Stalk my reading even more intensely!


    On Tuesday I launched reading portal for my site. Basically, this is a one-stop place to learn about what I am reading, what I was reading (and what I thought about it), the best and worst books I've read each year, etc. Although I've got both my current reading and recent reading on the homepage, the reading portal is much more detailed. You can actually read the fifteen most recent reviews I've written, and there…

  7. Summer endings, September beginnings


    Hello September. I have missed you. You might be my favourite among all months, but don't tell the others. And no, it's not because my birthday is in September (although that helps). Nor is it because September signals the start of fall television, with new episodes of Castle, Chuck, House, Stargate Universe, etc. More than any other month, even that notorious January, September is a month of changes and new beginnings.…

  8. Goodbye, Yahoo!


    When I first purchased paid hosting in October 2005, I needed a domain name. I needed something snazzy, so I chose Then I needed a domain registrar, so I registered with Yahoo!, since I already had a Yahoo! ID. Nearly there years later, all is good. I've got two domains registered with Yahoo!, no complaints. Until now....

    Recently I learned that Yahoo! had raised the price of domain renewal to $34.95/year. :|…

  9. Website redesign


    Those of you not reading this through a feed (that is, if anyone actually subscribes to my feed...) will notice things looking a little ... different.

    This is the long-awaited, long promised redesign! The previous design has been in use since before my site moved to A Small Orange in October 2005. It was time for a change, time for a fresh look, time to update the site to better reflect me. That was a…

  10. New Website


    Wow! I've got paid hosting! All thanks to A Small Orange!

    I'm now going to work on rejuvenating it. The database backup is from October 10, so if you posted any comments or such after that date, then they're gone . . . sorry. :-/ It appears this mean the entire guestbook is gone. I should get to bed, but I'll put it back up tomorrow, so sign it again then.

  11. More proof that boredom is dangerous


    I actually did things today, which is scary. Once again, this proves that boredom is dangerous.

    I had the whim to make an alternate style sheet for the site, so you can switch them easily from the View menu using Firefox. If you use the Switch Styles link to switch styles, a nice little cookie will keep track of whichever one you like to use. The waterfalls in the Thunder Bay style are Kakabeka Falls

  12. Blog updates


    I've updated my blog as best I can. The RSS feed is hopefully working properly now, and I'm just waiting to iron out a few more bugs before I publicly release version 3.1.

    As for other news . . . there isn't much.

  13. Life moves pretty fast


    Today, it feels like I got a lot accomplished while at the same time I did next to nothing. Or is it that I feel like I did a lot while accomplishing next to nothing?

    I went biking with my brother down to the university and back. It was an interesting experience. I'll probably be biking to university in two years. Cheaper than driving if those gas prices keep on going up.

    This blog now…

  14. Mmmaintenance


    Just performing some general clean up of the site. I'm tweaking the design and reconfiguring it to have friendler URIs. The site will soon be XHTML 1.1 valid, rather than XHTML 1.0 Transitional. You may have noticed a few sections disappearing or getting buggy. I'll fix those soon, once 3.0 is out and I have a working archive function, the news archives will be back up. I pulled the Writing section because I thought…