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  1. Push

    I'm still alive.((Although chances are equally good I'm just a component of a massive set of equations which we happen to perceive as the Universe.))

    Actually, when all is said and done, the wisdom teeth extraction was Not That Bad. I went in, the assistant hooked me up to various Machines That Go Ping!, gave me some nitrous oxide to relax, then stuck me with an IV. I drifted off to neverneverland. The next thing I know, the assistant is asking me to come lie down on a bed in a little recovery room. I do so and start to read my book. In about five minutes I'm fully lucid and feeling quite well.

    I won't rub it in, but I had no swelling, no bruising, and no pain. I took a couple of painkillers on Friday but kicked them after Saturday morning. I had pizza--in small bites--for dinner on Friday, although I stuck with yogurt, Jello, and very soft food until Tuesday. My jaw feels a bit different when I chew, but overall it was a painless procedure.((Aside from the part where I give them a substantial chunk of money, of course.)) All that trepidation....

    These past few…

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  2. Give your heart some less than three

    I have previously talked about how amazing I consider the human body, and my opinion hasn't changed. Yesterday, a 14-year-old girl finally left the hospital after living for four months on an artificial heart.

    This event reminded me how amazing the heart is. Your heart is the one muscle in your body that, if you are lucky, never takes a break for your entire life. It keeps pumping, whether you are awake or asleep. It works harder to get you up the stairs or to help you see a marathon through to the end. Yet some people--people who have healthy hearts free of unavoidable defects--reward this hard-working muscle with a megadose of calories and cholesterol in the form of unhealthy foods (particularly fast foods).

    I'm not trying to pontificate about the evils of fast food here. I love eating burgers! This is just a friendly reminder that, if you haven't thought about it lately, think about your heart now.

    Your heart is important! Love it, and it'll last just as long as you! (Which is kind of the idea.)

  3. Wisdom tooth turmoil

    Yesterday I had a consultation with an oral surgeon regarding the possible extraction of my wisdom teeth. Why possible? Well, I'm not sure if I need it--or if I want to do it.

    My wisdom teeth have fully grown into my mouth and don't cause me any pain, unlike some people, so I count myself lucky in that regard. Nevertheless, both my dentist and my oral surgeon have recommended I get them removed. There are some compelling reasons to do this. Firstly, it's possible they'll crowd my jaw in painful ways in the future (I didn't really follow this part of the discussion, so I'm not sure if they are crowding my jaw right now or not). Secondly, if I ever need to get jaw surgery, my wisdom teeth will have to be removed anyway. Lastly, the teeth do make it harder for me to brush and floss, which can lead to oral hygiene complications--I already have a cavity in one wisdom tooth.

    So with all of this compelling data, why am I ambivalent? To put it simply, I don't like the idea of surgery. I've never had surgery before, and I'd rather avoid it unless it's really necessary. The…

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  4. They're ba-ack!

    The election ads are back. :fear:

    On another note, I've felt sick since yesterday, which is no fun. I won't go into details, but let's put it this way: I can now use the words "reverse peristalsis" in context. Luckily my family is very practised at taking care of each other. My brother made me toast last night.

    Ugh, but I've had to stay home from work . . . which means I'll probably have to work on Thursday (assuming I work tomorrow). The holidays have been way too short. :(

  5. Open wide...

    I had to go to the dentist today. waits for all the sympathetic hugs to pour in. :'(

    Thanks. :D It wasn't as bad as I thought it could be; I don't have any cavities. But I do need to brush better and floss more. I know this, and I have no good excuse for not having shiny white teeth. It just doesn't happen that way. :no:

    I can never decide which is worse: the tooth polishing or the fluoride treatment. Both are sickening, which is unfortunate, because I have a very sensitive gag reflex.

    Let's see . . . I should get to see my midsemester report card tomorrow and fill out a response form. The actual report card is en route to my house via mail, and we all know how slow the Canada Post can be. . . . I hate filling out that response form. It always asks me to list achievements, and I honestly feel terrible listing any sort of achievement. Yeah, I'm weird.

  6. Visit to the orthodontist

    I went to the orthodontist today, first time for everything. Apparently I have an underbite, which occurs where my lower jaw protrudes out from my face slightly more than my lower jaw. Mine is very slight, only about a millimetre, so apparently it isn't much to worry about yet. The treatment would be jaw surgery in which a portion of my lower jaw is cut, removed, and then the remainer is slid back to correct the profile. I would have to wear braces for about a year prior to the surgery, then about six months after. I'm too young to have the surgery done, however, it would have to be done once I stop growing, so they are going to call me back in about a year to see how my underbite fares. If it doesn't get worse and I'm happy with it, I don't need to get the surgery; this is good, I don't like the idea of surgery. . . .