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1 Article from November 2014

  1. It's Desert Bus time again

    Desert Bus for Hope 8 banner

    It’s November, and that means it is Desert Bus for Hope time.

    Those of you who are old enough to remember life before the web might remember the phenomenon known as the charity telethon. Not-for-profit TV stations, or various charity organizations, would host fundraising drives. You could watch people perform on TV and make a pitch for donations, then you could phone in, and an operator would take down your name and your money.

    Desert Bus for Hope is kind of like that. Only on the Internet, and you donate through PayPal, and it’s just crazy.

    I’ve blogged about Desert Bus in the past. To understand what it is, just check out their website, where they have a video that explains the concept. Suffice it to say, Desert Bus for Hope raises money for Child’s Play Charity, which then uses it to help children in hospitals (and this year, domestic violence shelters). They have raised over $1.8 million in the eight years they’ve done this.

    Desert Bus is literally my favourite time of the year. I’m not kidding. For six days straight, I have access to a nonstop stream of hilarity and enthusiasm. As the crew hangs out on…

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